Centuries may separate Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II’s reigns, yet here, their tales intertwine. Together, their shared love for decadent teas and confections shaped the sophisticated tradition of afternoon tea as we know it.

Indulge in a truly regal afternoon tea experience at the Wellington Lounge, located on the very site of 145 Piccadilly, once Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood home. Delight in live music every Thursday through Sunday from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Planning to celebrate with us? Elevate your afternoon by pre-ordering one of our exquisite celebration cakes.
Prices start at £22 for a 6” cake. Kindly note that full pre-payment and a 24-hour notice are required.

For vegan afternoon tea arrangements, please contact our reservation team in advance,
allowing at least 48-hours’ notice.

Monday to Sunday | 1 – 5 pm

A tale of two Elizabeths

We invite you to sample the tastes of the two distinguished queens with a delectable array of finely crafted sweet delicacies and savoury delights hailing from noble menus of past and present.

As you immerse yourself in the exquisite flavours and rich history of this afternoon tea, sip on a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, another favourite of Elizabeth II, who granted the house a Royal Warrant.


A regal experience

Dine like a true monarch with desserts such as our rhubarb and champagne syllabub with sablé biscuit, a favourite of the 16th-century Elizabeth, before relishing a rich chocolate biscuit cake inspired by our late queen’s affinity for the treat.

No afternoon tea is complete without an assortment of savoury sandwiches to balance the sweet pastries, especially our coronation chicken sandwich. This flavour sensation is our modern interpretation of the 1953 invention served at Elizabeth II’s coronation luncheon.

Each morsel is served on the finest Renaissance Gold teaware set by Wedgwood, a Royal Warrant holder, for an authentic regal experience.


Exquisite blends

Tea was more than a social occasion for the two queens, it was a cherished ritual. Elizabeth I, known for her patronage of The East India Company founded in 1600 during her reign, turned tea into an exclusive experience shared with her closest confidants. Sharing a passion for this formal pleasure, Elizabeth I enjoyed a freshly brewed morning pot of a personalised blend.

Hand-selected by Tea Master, Lalith Lenadora, our new tea menu features over 20 infusions from across the globe, including three exclusively curated blends, such as the Elizabeth II, crafted with rooibos from South Africa, vanilla from Sri Lanka and delicate rose petals as an ode to the Commonwealth.

The Wellington Lounge

The Wellington Lounge is an ideal meeting place for an early morning coffee and pastries, famed afternoon tea or an all-day menu featuring classic seasonal dishes.

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