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PCR Test – your travel plans made easy.

We are delighted to offer you an opportunity of booking a self-administrated saliva-based RT-qPCR Covid-19 test kit which can be added to your overnight stay at £99 per person. The testing programme is being delivered by the UK Government-approved biotech firm HALO, the results come overnight, and the test includes a travel certification. 

Supporting our international travellers leaving the UK, the test provides an opportunity to fly to the countries requesting a negative Covid test result. 

After you take a self-administrated test in the hotel, we courier it to the lab at Imperial College in London for processing overnight. You will be asked to download the HALO app which will link you directly to your test results and certification. 

HALO testing kit can be purchased on your check-in at our hotel.






Please collect purchased test from Hotel Reception and follow the outlined instructions:

Drop off completed test at the Hotel Reception desk by 11am at the latest. Any tests
handed in after this time will be unable to use the express service.
InterContinental London Park Lane to organise a courier to collect the completed tests by 12pm for
delivery to the Lab for priority testing. 

Results will be received by 5.30pm the same day via email and app with a fit to
fly certificate (if all steps have been completed correctly)

Customer cost £199 plus VAT
Customer queries: 0330 390 4586



1) Download the HALO app on iPhone or use the HALO webapp (on any device) at

2) Complete your personal details and create an account to register your test
3) Log into your account and press ‘Begin Test’.

NB. Please note you must NOT eat, drink or smoke for 30 minutes before providing your saliva
sample. Doing so will greatly increase the risk of an inconclusive result

4) Follow the on-screen instructions to register your test.

a. Ensure that you enter your test barcodes correctly

i. The first barcode is a 12-digit barcode found on the outside of the blue pack and must be
entered or scanned with the dashes included. (EXAMPLE FORMAT: XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX)
ii. The second barcode is a 10-digit barcode found on the sample tube. (EXAMPLE FORMAT:

b. Take a photo of your two barcodes as a backup- If you need to enquire about any test results
these will be required.

5) Ensure you provide your sample up to the designated 4ml line on the sample tube, as
instructed. If you provide too little or too much sample your test will be unable to be processed.

6) Complete the testing process and press ‘Complete Test’ on the last step. - This step must be
done to complete the test correctly.

7) If you have completed all steps correctly as above, You will receive a confirmation email once
your test has been submitted and can also be found on the ‘my tests’ tab on your app or web app.

8) Results will be returned via email and updated on your app / web app account.